A Gift That Will Last A Lifetime

Christmas Eve "Catch Santa" Visit 

Just picture it now:

It's Christmas Eve and there are no presents under the tree... because Santa hasn't brought them yet.   The children pout on their way to bed... but in night, you wake them and tell them you think you hear Santa Claus in the house.  You ease them out of bed and sneak quietly to the living room.  And what do they see?

Santa Claus.  He's carefully placing presents under the tree.  He's larger than life with his beard white as snow, and he's as jolly as ever!


All of the sudden, Santa spots them! And rather than disappear the kids are invited to share his milk and cookies, and spend some personal time with the big man himself.  They can converse and question him, just to make sure that he's really who he says he is!  Santa will also give each child a cast brass sleigh bell as a souvenir of the night Santa paid them a personal visit. 

​This is a gift your children will cherish forever.  It can't be lost like a toy, it can't be obsolete like a video game.   It's a truly a gift that will last a lifetime. 

This visit lasts 15 - 20 minutes and is $350.  A discount will be given to all parties if you can encourage one or more of your close neighbors to also book.  We will take bookings starting at 10:30 pm on Christmas Eve until dawn on Christmas Day.  Santa Bill will call you when en-route for you to get ready.  




Ultimate Christmas Eve Visit From Santa ****ALL SLOTS ARE FULLY BOOKED FOR 2019****

Truly a one of a kind visit from Santa that your family will cherish forever. Before the visit, you will have a consultation with Santa Bill about your children’s names, their interests, what they’ve done to get on the “Nice” list & what they need improvement on, and Christmas gifts from the past.  If you want Santa to give gifts to your children, wrap them with a different paper and ribbon than you will use on any other gifts and coordinate with Santa where he can get them prior to his entrance.


On Christmas Eve, before Santa Bill arrives, a professional photographer will arrive and set up. A few minutes later Santa and Mrs. Claus and/or Elf will arrive for the Grand Entrance where he will greet your children by name.  They will be astonished by his authenticity and “approachable” persona.  After greeting and exchanging a few words with everyone there, Santa Bill will sit down with the children and use a pop-up book to do an interpretive performance of "T'was the Night Before Christmas".  A Master Storyteller, Santa Bill will tell the children a special Christmas Story.


During the entire visit our professional photographer will be capturing the joy and excitement of the visit. After Storytime, Santa Bill will give each child the gift(s) you have provided and listen to their hopes and dreams.  Santa Bill will also give each child a cast brass sleigh bell from one of the reindeer’s harnesses.

Our Photographer will take high quality photographs of your family with Santa Bill and his Helper(s) including some very specific poses that will be cherished by your family for years to come.  These pictures will be edited and delivered electronically so you may do anything with them you desire.  We can also print and frame them if you wish.  There is also an option to take a treasured photo and have it converted into a family heirloom oil painting.  Ask us for details.


Santa Bill will conclude his visit by saying a personal goodnight and Merry Christmas to everyone present and will then lead everyone in holiday songs.  Santa Bill will then ask everyone to hold hands and sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” twice through.  During the second time through, Santa and Helpers will ease out the door so that as the song is finished, you will hear the jingle of Santa’s sleigh bells fading in the distance…


There are a very limited number of these visits available.  They last about an hour and start at $1,350.  A discount will be given to all parties if you can encourage one or more of your close neighbors to also book.  We will take bookings starting at noon on Christmas Eve with the last booking starting at 9:00 pm.  Arrival will be 30 minutes +/- booking time.  


Call/Text 469-428-7555 or email santa@santaclausdfw.com
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